Food Shelf Information


Licensing is pleased to be able to partner with the CAP Agency Food Shelf to support your food needs. They invite all to accept food, knowing that many of you are experiencing income loss and changes within your family and business structures.

When contacting the CAP Agency Food Shelf, it is important to identify yourself as a provider. By doing so, you are eligible for a special ordering process that is different from standard Food Shelf usage. The volunteer or staff will collect some basic information from you. From there, they will go through a list of items and ask you to identify what would be helpful for you to receive. Delivery IS available. If, by chance, they do not have a volunteer available to do that, then they are to contact Marie Johnson. She will then coordinate food delivery or pick-up with you.

Again, please remember that this is a new process for them too. Licensing hopes that this goes smoothly for each one of you, but also understand that their partnership with the Food Shelf is a new relationship and we’re asking them to implement new processes that are outside of their norm.

CAP Agency Food Shelf Contact Information: 952-496-2125, option 1