As you continue to serve the children in your program, we recognize that providing food during the time of the pandemic may be challenging. In an effort to assist you, licensing has partnered with Scott County Volunteers and local school districts to help provide school breakfasts and meals. *Please note: Each school district has their own processes around food availability and distribution.  Please review the School Meal Delivery Information to find out if this is an option for your family and/or your program.

If you’ve reviewed the information and your family/program qualifies for this service, please contact your Licensor or the general Licensing number of 952-445-7751. Licensing will review your information, ask you questions about the number of kids you’re seeking food for, and confirm your contact information. They will then pass that information on internally to our Volunteer Coordinator, Cara Madsen. She will take the process from there, confirming the logistics with the school, the volunteer(s), and you.

This is a new process for us to put in place, so we ask for your patience and grace as it gets up and running. Licensing invite you to share any questions you have along the way.

We want to thank our local school districts for their consideration of offering food delivery to family child care homes. We recognize this is outside of their standard practices and so are thankful for their partnership in whatever ways they’re able to help support providers.

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